June 1st is the date set in stone for the release of Lyriqs da Lyraciss debut album “The Nobody’s Monologues 2″. I got a chance to speak with the N.O emcee on the forthcoming project, working with Harn Solo, performing at SXSW, differences between working on an album than a mixtape, and more. You can read the interview in it’s entirety after the jump.

Yoh: First off let me welcome you to TheTapeDeck. Can you give us a small introduction for the ones unfamiliar with you?

Lyriqs: The name is Lyriqs da Lyraciss and im from New orleans,La born and raised. I an emcee and I like mac and cheese.

Yoh: I found it interesting that you chose the name Lyriqs da Lyraciss as your rap moniker. How did you get such a name and what does the word lyricist means to you?

Lyriqs: I got my name back in high achool. I was told to make my name be something that i like. I like dope lyrics…so that was the name. Da lyraciss came from how good it sounds attached to lyriqs. To me Lyricist means someone who can adapt to any situation and sound great. Being what you are and not going with the fads…and still sound good.

Yoh: You recently performed at the monumental SXSW. How was that experience? What was the craziest thing you saw while out in Austin?

Lyriqs: Maan sxsw was amazing. Shouts to my dude Alevy for giving me that opportunity. I got alot of feedback and connections out there. Great times. And the craziest thing i saw was a woman who had on fullblown underwear and thats it. Ha

Yoh: Speaking of performances you recently opened for Wu-Tang if i’m correct? How was that?  Gracing that same staged as the legendary group.

Lyriqs: Yes i did. Being on stage with the Wu-tang clan had to be one my career highlights…1200 people…me and my dude Harn Solo did what we do best. I was able to chop it up backstage with a few of the wu members and they gave me feedback. That means the world.

Yoh: Before we go in-depth on your upcoming project, lets speak on the collaboration album with fellow N.O artist  Harn Solo entitled “The Grind”. How did you two come together? How was the recording process? And did you guys get the responds you expected?

Lyriqs: Well i met the solo from him always being around shows that i did. He hit me up to do a song called “The grind”. It came well so we did a few more…suddenly it became a project. Its crazy watching solo record because he allows no time to joke in the studio. He is all business. I kinda picked that habit up. And once we dropped it…the response was amazing.

Yoh: Now onto the present. The Nobody’s Monologues 2, your debut album. Sequel to The Nobody Monologues. What can we expect from this project? Do you see this as your best work yet?

Lyriqs: On this project you can expect alot of growth from the last one. Ive gotten older and more open to sounds and things i wouldnt do otherwise. I do see this as my best work yet. The production is awesome and the writing is smooth as well. Im happy with the results.

Yoh: How about giving us some insight into some of the songs off the album

Lyriqs: The album has about 11 songs on it. Mixed and mastered by Proprospek in new orleans. Features include my dude A.Levy, G-Eazy, Harn Solo and Nesby phips. “The First song” is the intro and that joint is produced by Miles Felix. Beat is bannannannas lol. Im reintroducing myself to the people and letting know whats been going on and what ive been up to.“Do it For” is produced by Lildeegodsgift. This joint is me speaking on my travels and the way life is on the road. I love this joint alot. For more yall gotta go cop the album.

Yoh: When it comes to your debut project,do you have a different mind set than mixtapes and EP’s. Knowing that everything you drop after will be compared to this, are you nervous about the reaction people will have?

Lyriqs: This project was about 1 year and a half in the making so i went through several mindstates. Because of label troubles and personal problems i wasnt able to focus. But on this project compared to mixtapes i put more thought into Monologues 2. On mixtapes its more fun…with this its more professional/fun. Im a tad bit nervous i must say. This will be my biggest project to date so yea…i gotthe jitters lol.

Yoh: Hip-hop is a field that some consider over-saturated. If you weren’t pursing a career in music what could you see yourself doing?

Lyriqs: Id be in a casket.

Yoh: Time Machines or Holograms? Why?

Lyriqs: Times machines. I would love to go back at the age i am now and be apart of hiphop then. 90s and stuff…thats what i grew up on.

Yoh: What does success mean to Lyriqs Da Lyraciss?

Lyriqs: Being able to say i helped a bunch of people be comfy with who they are. Its all about. Being yourself….thats how your born and that how youll leave.