In hip-hop there’s countless rapper/producer duos that create magic anytime their talents collide. In Austin,Texas late 2011 another duo was born by the name of Almost Always, consisting of Curbside Jones(artist/producer) and Cory Arnell(Producer). After working countless time together generating a chemistry that eventually the two becoming a team. Fast forward to today and Almost Always are releasing their first ever collaborated project entitled “Failed Utopia“. Produced entirely by Corey, with all rapping being handled by Curbside, a few additional features but for the most part this album is strictly “Almost Always”. Because i live the panda life i was lucky enough to get a early preview of the album and i’ll say this is incredible music. Production, content, concepts, lyrics, its so much to absorb. You can feel all the time, work, and effort that went into this album and it’s free so it would behoove you to download this. I promise you if it disappoint i’ll give you my first born panda.

For more information on the overall concept on Failed Utopia click HERE


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