Frank Ocean name has been everywhere since last week when he allowed some skeletons to come out of his closet(see what i did there). The blogs, the media, the people have been doing nothing but talking about Mr.Ocean. Now Frank gives us another reason to talk, tonight on Late Night With Jimmy Fallon, the Odd Future song bird makes his television premier. Many people speculated after the performance Frank will be having a surprise for all fans. Come to find out the surprise is a huge one, the release of his debut album “Channel Orange” onto iTunes an entire week before the physical copies hit the stores. Bold, crazy, or genius I’ve yet to decide which one he is but right a good bit of the world is blasting his album as i type this. I have yet to hear the album, but since the track with Earl is one of my personal highly anticipated tracks i didn’t see a reason why not to post it. This is the first time that the two Odd Future members have collaborated. I don’t care about his personal life, his music has always been good and i highly recommend everybody supports this young man.

UPDATE: If you are hesitant on purchasing Channel Orange, Frank Ocean has just put up a full stream for the album available here.

Buy: Frank Ocean – Channel Orange

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