Kendrick Lamar put on one of the best live shows i’ve seen all year when he was here along with Dom Kennedy and CyHi the Prince(i forget what the occasion was but it was dope). So i’m ecstatic to hear that Black Embarrassing Television has teamed up with the Compton lyricist for a 23 city tour. After the jump you can find out when Lady GaGa’s new best friend will be destroying the stage in your home town. I highly recommend seeing this kid live. S/O csnowheaties
9/7 Norfolk, VA
9/8 Richmond, VA
9/11 Charlotte, NC
9/12 Baltimore, MD
9/13 Philadelphia, PA
9/14 Washington, DC
9/15 New York, NY
9/20 Detroit, MI
9/21 Minneapolis, MN
9/22 Milwaukee, WI
9/23 Chicago, IL
9/26 Tampa, FL
9/27 Miami, FL
9/28 Orlando, FL
9/29 Atlanta, GA
9/30 New Orleans, LA
10/8 Denver, CO 10/11 Phoenix, AZ
10/13 Portland, OR
10/14 Seattle, WA
10/16 San Francisco, CA
10/17 Los Angeles, CA
10/18 Pomona, CA

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