Randall Naadir – rapper, producer, and easily the best person you could follow on twitter decides to step into the writing world with a brand new editorial. After the jump, Randall breaks down 10 unarguable reasons why you should attend your local hip-hop shows. Each point will lead you closer to the venues where indie artist reign and who knows you might find your new favorite rapper or husband at these showcases. Thank you Randall for guest writing this article and we hope to receive more from you. BTW number 7 is all true.

The local hip-hop show – An event where many underground or, as stated, local artist come to showcase their talents and be heard. This by itself sounds good but when you really take time to explore the different aspects that make local hip-hop events so great, it’s almost amazing that you only have to pay a small fee to attend (if there is even a fee at all). Below I will list the top 10 best reasons that local shows are dope. Pay attention.

10.) Starting from the bottom, the general environment of local shows. No matter which hip-hop show you go to, unless it’s at a church or chuck e. cheese, the environment will most likely be cool as fuck. You got loud music playing/being performed, big booty freaks all around and let’s not forget the smell of marijuana. Cool shit.

9.) The Fashion: Although many won’t admit it, besides checking out all of the artist’s music, a lot of people are checking out what everybody else is wearing. You’ll see some niggas put together their most shocking outfit at hip-hop shows and the freaks will be dressed like they’re tryin’ to give that same nigga twerk. Gotdamn.

8.) Big Booty Freaks.

7.) Refer back to #8 

6.) The Different Crews: It’s pretty much guaranteed at almost every local show there will be different crews of artist hanging together, performing together or just bein’ deep as fuck for no reason. It’s cool to see how close these groups usually are and it’s even cooler to see them link up with other crews. Nice.

5.) Hipster Girls: My nigga, this could’ve been number one on the list but fuck it. Local hip-hop shows attract the finest hipster girls. Big ass natural hair, fresh ass thrifted clothes and let me not forget they smell good. You want to find a good hipster girl? Go to a local hip-hop show. Swag.

4.) The Energy: Regardless of how chill or laidback you are you’ll probably get live as fuck at a local event. Once an artist channels their energy into the crowd, you have no choice but to get hype. Sure somebody’s shoes might get scuffed[refer to #9], you might get elbowed in the face, might even come down from jumping and realize your wallet is missing but remember it’s all in good spirits and energy. If you ever see a nigga just standing motionless in a hype crowd at a show, he’s a bitch and let it be known. Forreal.

3.) Networking: One of the main reason local shows are vital to artist, bloggers, photographers and anybody else involved in different media is the networking. Website links will be given out like crazy. Numbers will be exchanged. Twitter names will be burned in your brain. If nobody never realized your talent before it’s pretty much certain by the time you leave the show you will have new fans, associates or maybe just big booty freaks willing to work with you. Hustle.

2.) The Performances: Here you will get to see all types of stage presence from artist that you might have only seen online. It’s always cool to see how different artist control the crowd or run the stage. Much like the previously mentioned energy, the performances at local shows bring out the best spirits in people with supporters usually adlibbing the artist from the crowd. A good performance will usually leave the whole room feeling good. Beautiful.

1.) The Music: It’s pretty cliché of a number one but whatever. No matter how you look at it, music isn’t always better performed live but it’s certainly more interesting. From crowd favorites to unheard tracks that the artist hasn’t even released yet, the music at local hip-hop shows is usually the most unique stuff you will have heard in a while.

Local hip-hop shows are good for more reasons than just these, but these 10 are pretty much guaranteed at any show you go to. It’s always good to support local artist and given the fact that live performances is one of the most important parts of being an artist, it’s good to see people on the grind doin’ their thing. So in closing, go out to a local show and show some love. You might find your own top 10 or atleast a big booty freak.

-Trappin ain’t dead, Salaamz.

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