Let’s be honest… Rita Ora is gorgeous. I would even call her the 2012 Athena – just search her name on tumblr and see if you aren’t sitting in a pool of your own drool within 15 minutes. Even though she is a blessing to the eyes, i’ve yet decided if she’s a blessing to my ears. Her latest single with J.Cole isn’t bad. She sings about how shes not ready to let a lover go even after all the feuding, which is radio ready thanks to the Star Gate production. Sadly, only keeping Cole on the hook was disappointing especially since he shines like the sun on these R&B, i hate i love you kind of records. With her album “Ora” release right around the corner will she be an artist that will sell records or another songstress able to accumulate astonishing Youtube views.

Download: Rita Ora feat. J.Cole – Love & War

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