A few weeks back, Atlanta’s own Glendino hosted a little event we like to call “Show and Tell“. An event, that showcases the talents of some of the cities best and brightest- artist who have begun to mark their territory throughout the city and the interweb.  My good friend Kiara decided to put on her best blogger fast and conduct interviews/take pictures,the whole nine in-between performances which we will be posting through the week. First up is 17 year old Nessly, who recently just dropped a mixtape. Find out all about this young rising star after the jump. 

Kiara: Hey, and thanks for coming out tonight. For those who might not be familiar with you,
give us a brief introduction.

Nessly: I’m Nessly. 17 year hip-hop artist from Brooklyn, but I reside in Lithonia, Georgia. I’ve been in Georgia since I was about 5, but New York is in my heart.

K: I’m curious to know your ethnicity.

N: My mom is from Belize and my dad is white.

K: Wow. Nice. Is this your first Show & Tell?

N: I went to the Show & Tell in January, so no.

K: Well, besides tonight, what other musical endeavors are you on?

N: I’m about to release a new project on LiveMixtapes on August 4 called “Glow in the Dark”,and it’s probably one of my dopest projects. I’ve produced more than 80% of it.

K: Is this your first, second, third project?

N: This is actually like my 22nd project.

K: Seriously?! 22? How long have you been doing music?

N: I’ve been rapping since I was about 11. We still have footage of it on YouTube.

K: Serious respect and you’re only 17. Is there a specific reason that you use YouTube as opposed to Bandcamp or SoundCloud?

N: I have them, but they’re not as active, so I just usually direct my listeners and fans to YouTube or my website. YouTube is definitely the most popular option.

K: Are you excited about tonight?

N: Yeah! And I’m performing on two sets—my own and with Monte Carlo.

K: I wish you the best performance. Thanks for sitting down with me. Be sure to look out for this on The TapeDeck

N: No, thank you.

Social Media

Twitter: @NesslyRaps

Facebook: www.facebook.com/Nesslyraps

YouTube: www.youtube.com/therealnessly

Website: www.nessly.net

LiveMixtapes: www.livemixtapes.com/artists/nessly

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