Don’t get me wrong, my hate for fictional “Breaking Bad” character Skyler White is beyond real but this article has very little to do with her. It’s more so focused on what i feel makes Breaking Bad a phenomenal series. Breaking down themes, seen throughout the 5 seasons that have left a lasting impression. It’s not perfect, ton of information was left out and honestly if you seen the show you know we would be here for days breaking down every little aspect. I can not stress this enough, THIS IS FOR FANS OF THE SERIES THAT ARE UP TO DATE. Its filled with spoilers so read at your own risk.

In 2008 if someone would have told me a television program centered around  a 50 year old Chemistry teacher, turned meth dealer once being diagnosed with terminal lung cancer would win the hearts of  2.9 million viewers, critically  acclaimed across the boards, six Emmy Awards and countless other accolades over a span of 5 seasons I would call you crazy. In this era where reality television reigns supreme, it just seems like a show that would ultimately be replaced by Law & Order: I’m Taking My Talents to South Beach.  That is not the case! The story has taken the world by storm and now as the show reaches its climax in the final season, I think we should appreciate the shear brilliance Vince Gilligan has produced. If you aren’t up-to-date I suggest you bookmark this and revisit once you join the rest of us that are impatiently awaiting the end of one of the greatest shows this generation has ever witnessed.


So what makes Breaking Bad so brilliant? Time and time again we have witness the show break down our (the viewer) perception of “bad”.  Right and Wrong, Good and Evil, are all themes that aren’t so black and white when you’re viewing the world through the spectacles of Walter White. A genius, with a scheme to secure the finical lives of his pregnant wife and son who suffers from cerebral palsy incase his untimely death would come sooner than expected. This man hasn’t had a single run in with the police is now  enthralled in the underworld; not for selfish gain, not for any kind of senseless wealth but to provide the foundation so that his family can stand when he crumbles. Does this justify his unjust actions? I’m sure we weren’t rooting for the police to capture White and his young dimwitted partner Jessie Pikman as they continue to cook meth out of their R.V. We slowly watched them evolve from the armatures to standing on the cusp of being drug kingpins. Every week I no longer can decipher if I’m watching the protagonist or the antagonist, you begin to question your own self morals as you see another senseless murder, another meth deal, as Walter White becomes consumed with everything he once stood against.

All praise to the writers, the last time I’ve been so conflicted by a story was Nick Rice “Law Abiding Citizen” as Jamie Foxx and Gerard Butler face off in a battle where the lines of right and wrong have been erased. That’s where “Breaking Bad” shines aesthetically. Think back to the death of Gale, a young man driven only by the yearning to master the art of cooking meth who was killed in cold blood by the hands of Jessie assuring the survival of himself and Walter. Even the explosive murder of Gus Fring, Hector Salamanca, and an innocent henchman by a bomb constructed by Walter in a dog eat dog war. You witness first-hand how the most innocent light can be tainted by the darkness. There are countless examples of where morals and ethics simply aren’t a factor and in that sense you beginning to realize how a person utterly loses themselves. There’s little moments where are heart string get played with abusively, example being when Walters wife  was ready to burst pregnant, completely overwhelmed by the thoughts that her meth cooking husband was having an affair by his shady activities, she took the most painful puffs from a cigarette I’ve ever witness on television.  You wanted to hate her, curse her name, putting the baby in jeopardy in such a manner, but yet you understood her reasoning. The death of Jessie’s first love interest as Walter watch her gasp for air, dying slowly which inadvertently domino effect the death of hundreds maybe even thousands.   Who could forget the rehab counselor who drove over his daughter while he was high; these are moments that you see how Breaking Bad is just a roller coaster of contradictions.   That plants a flag in your memory so you won’t long forget.

Now we sit here awaiting the grand finale. The ending that will either make “Breaking Bad” a show we talked about or a show we never stop speaking of. I didn’t get a chance to praise the remarkable acting, the incredible dialogue, and the unpredictable spin that brings something special to each and every episode for 5 seasons strong. Again a show, where you have an old man at the center dealing the one drug commercials have advertise with fishes being suffocated in fish tanks Yet what they make up for in unreltablilty by invoking so much emotion. It’s nearly impossible to fathom what could potentially happen next. Walter White has danced with death but never kissed her cold black lips, he has supplied the streets of New Mexico with the most potent form of methamphetamine that has ever been witnessed. Greed is his new lover now as he continues to push for more, more money, more power there is no stopping in his eyes, the grave is the only quitting platform. A son, a daughter, a wife, aren’t what they use to be to the once chemistry teacher. His transformation was slow, we were there to witness Anakin Skywalker become Darth Vadar, let’s be honest guys once you poison a child for personal gain there IS NO GOING BACK.  Or once you miss the birth of your 2nd child for a million dollar drug deal you are too far gone. There will never be another “Breaking Bad” so allow your eyes to witness it’s brilliance while you can.

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