*Cues Sam Cook, “It’s Been A Long Time Coming”. There was a time where we all thought that “Payback” would be collecting dust in a deep, dark vault somewhere inside of Interscope headquarters. Right next to Charles Hamilton sophomore album, and 50 Cent’s greatest diss. Yet, Danny! knew that his Payback must be fulfilled, and after much fighting, and rumor the death of a guy that will remain un-named, right now on iTunnes, you can purchase Danny Swain’s debut Okayplayer album. Support good music, and the people that are living proof, with a little bit of luck and being Jay-z’s favorite guy, dreams can come true. Being that i watched it live, i forgot to post Danny on Jimmy Fallon, so to see him perform “Evil” hit the jump.

Purchase: Album: Danny!- Payback

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