Unlike the current growing youth that has reality television to plague their vision on a Saturday morning, i grew up on cartoons. From KidsWB to Cartoonetwork, cartoons played a giant part in my adolescent years. I assume Midwestern producer and occasional emcee D/WILL has had a similar up bringing, where the vibrant colors, zany stories, and overall entertaining characters left a lasting impression. Such an impression where after reaching the age of adulthood, these shows are still relevant to him. Which lead to the creation of the Beat Emporium: Cartoons, a beat tape that consisted of sampling from various shows he grew up on. From Pinky and the Brain, to Doug, basically it was a beat tape dedicated to the children of the 90’s. It was one of the first tapes that really made D/WILL style jump out at me. How could it not? Just to see what sounds and chops he incorporated to the familiar tunes of the past were both refreshing and nostalgic. That was in 2010, fast forward two years and D/WILL is back with the second installment of his Cartoon series. It’s a must listen for cartoon enthusiast and beat heads alike.

Stream/Purchase: Beat Tape: D/WILL – Beat Emporium: Cartoon Chapter 2

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