Danny!, was one of my first interviews conducted when i joined TheTapeDeck.. He is truly an artist that has been through the trenches of this music industry, but now it seems that the dark days are far behind him as Danny! recently signed a deal with ?uestlove revitalized Okayplayer record label. This has given his long awaited “Payback” album a release date (September 25th) which is only a measly 5 days away! Fans are ecstatic, and Danny! couldn’t be happier with his label situation. The kind of situation that has him making his television debut tonight on Late Night With Jimmy Fallon which is slowly becoming the hub for new artist who are making that transition into stardom. He’ll be premiering “Evil“, the first single from Payback featuring Gavin Castleton and Amber Tamblyn. You can stream that below, and be sure to tune in tonight to see D.Swain do his thing with help from the legendary Roots.

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