It seems in the last year or so, within hip-hop, the sounds that were crafted in Hoston, Texas by the likes of UGK, Swishahouse, DJ Screw, and other alumina of the early  90’s era have resurfaced in various regions. Almost, being consider the blue-print to the trillwave that’s causing more than just a splash in the music industry. I find it funny, that some of the my favorite Austin, Texas emcees don’t follow a sound that can almost be considered their birth-right to uphold. Curbside Jones, Almost-Always, and The Lower Class are crafting their own sounds, that are antonymous, going in various different directions and you can add DKTHGK(pronounced Deek The Geek) to that list as well.

He’s still finding his hip-hop legs, but you can that he has an idea of self, not coming into the game copying and pasting whats hot. His first single, “Space Drunk” –  inspired by the fact he’s a  self-proclaim shit talker while intoxicated – Space Drunk makes for a whimsical wordy record that display his chill flow and goes perfect with the imaGenius production. Which can be found on imaGenius, 2009 beat tape “Garage Sale”, which seems to be the foreground for DKTHGK debut album “SQUAREONE“. I’ve written enough, and you probably won’t read it so…. just press play and get drunk!!!

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