I appreciate good writing, much like i appreciate a nice wholesome girl that can cook while showing you what that mouf do. I’m lucky, and honored to surround myself with other “bloggers” that take journalism serious, who produce quality editorials that could easily be found in any of these magazine publications. Yesterday, a peer of mine- Digital Drop released his first ever editorial, a nice piece inspired by the evoution of Lupe Fiasco and the effects of his change. Dave, from Back2Pluto released a follow up that might offend some but carries truth nonetheless entitled “Hip-Hop Fans Are Stupid“. Two great write-ups that you should take your time and read. As a bonus, i added the latest Yoh & Dave Issues, one that was inspired by the Diggy and J.Cole annoying, exchange of one liners that some people would regard as “beef”. Not my best writing but Dave really came through with the AK-47. So enjoy something other than complex top 50 side-boobs.

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Read: Dave:Hip-Hop Fans are Stupid: A Follow Up To Digital Drop.
Read: Yoh & Dave Issues Part 2: Jo Jo Simmons Lil Bro vs J “Pass me the Roc Jay” Cole

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