The Lower Class team up with blogs Oh So Fresh and Apple Juice Break to release their much anticipated street album Wingfield. Since their last project, Flight of Ideas, The Lower Class has slowly garnered viral recognition for their patented sound which can aptly be described as a contemporary take on indie sound. Wingfield brings back producer imaGenius’ eclectic sound mixed with a new found focus, emphasizing on jazz and soul samples. Incorporating themes from Tennessee Williams’ play The Glass Menagerie, the Lower Class give their insight on memory, nostalgia, escapism, dynamics of relationships and abandonment. It’s this unabashed description of society’s most taboo themes that makes the Lower Class more than just another group of musicians, they push musical boundaries. With the group’s first feature, singer Louis Alvin, they bring in a new vocal dynamic while keeping it limited to showcase each rappers lyrical potential.

I’m three tracks into The Lower Class sophomore project and it’s simply refreshing. From the production, to the must needed content, this Texas collective took everything right with “Flight Of Ideas” and roused to new heights. Labor Day Weekend music.  Peep the single, “The Proof” and after the jump stream/download “Wingfield” in it’s entirety.

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