Sacramento’s J.Good decides to go with a conceptual route with his latest project “Bluffington High” Description down-below and you can stream the entire album after the jump. My ears enjoyed his previous “Search for Alicia Silverstone” project and i’m positive this one is on par.

About “Bluffington High”:

Bluffington High is a concept album. (It features: Co$$, King Mez, Chuuwee, and more with production from: Lakim, Abjo, Jackson Nakanishi, Snaggletooth and more.) It’s the story of a kid named Douglas Pinderhughes. He’s a new student to Bluffington High. A lot of the student body are mindless drones. They follow all trends despite the consequences. Bluffington High is his first school year there, and everything Douglas experiences in that year. In a sense, Bluffington High is also my view of society and music, with Bluffington High representing both of those worlds. Everyone is afraid to be different for fear of being an outcast. Bluffington High represents originality – J.Good

DOWNLOAD: Album: J.Good- Bluffington High

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