Love is the strongest emotion that can blanket over a human being. I think West Coast producer Jansport J isn’t new to invoking emotions through his soulful production, his previously released instrumental album “MoveMeants II: The Reprise” was made with the intent to upraise emotion from the inner depths of your cold black hearts. Now, with his second release of the year “For Love” is being constructed around the concept of things we love.

Jansport says “We also love our vices, our insecurities, our addictions. All of these things we have a deep attachment to, for better or worse. With that in mind, I was inspired to create a soundscape that isn’t necessarily a strict depiction of these things, but rather use the inspiration to create with one of the things I do For Love…music.” What really is interesting about this project, he wants this to reach the people directly, so you must email if you wish to obtain this album. I have, and today i received Can’t Get You + ULuvDoomILuvU, two very soulful songs that would make an angel heart flutter. Check them out below and be sure to email the above account as this project will be one you won’t want to miss.

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