Archie continues to release tracks at a stellar rate. In the last month Archie has collaborated with Fareoh, released the highly anticipated single Supernova, released a remix on Star 69 Records, and even had time to fit in his monthly podcast. Archie quickly broke 20,000 fans and is already setting his target on the 30,000 fan mark. This time Archie steps in the ring with the trio Krewella and decides to face one of their biggest singles, “Alive.” Krewella “Alive” has well over ½ a million plays on youtube, setting the bar high for Archie to reach. Archie brings his massive style of production along with Krewella’s amazing vocals to bring a heart-warming remix for every EDM lover to enjoy. Grab the Krewella – Alive (Archie Remix) for free and be sure to check out the rest of Archie’s music on his soundcloud and youtube.

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