Detroit born but Atlanta resident Mike Fly returns to the blog with his sophomore mixtape “ Liberation: The Moon Reader”. The project is built around a concept, one in which the mixtape protagonist relives certain current events that happened to the world. Sounds kinda trippy right, well it’s executed perfectly on the song “Blissful Death”. A story telling record with a horror film piano and a violin that summons the grime reaper is used in the production sets the tone perfectly as Mike raps out his death in the first verse but the second verse is where the song truly comes alive. Mike takes the role of one of the columbine killers, cleverly using times, and names from the actual event makes it feel like a time machine back to that horrible day. With a flow that is reminisce of Lupe Fiasco and Gemstones “The Die”, a incredible record with a similar dire ending. The entire tape should be played, but hearing Blissful Death really shows the potential this young rapper has and the progress he’s made since his first project.


Download/Stream: Mixtape: Mike Fly – Liberation: The Moon Reader

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