He pops balloons with his cod piece embed  groin, twirls the microphone around like a rag doll, write a phone book in half because well they really aren’t needed and woo’s ladies with his mustache like the son of Ron Swanson, if Cousin Dan did anything this past weekend he left a lasting impression on all that came in contact with his live show. Instruments were played, auto-tune was used, and i’m still having a hard time to box him in any kind of genre that doesn’t end in some kind of odd hybrid.  Be sure to hit his Facebook page, and see what kind of music this man makes. Pictures after the jump. 

Dan wants all the ladies to hit his line later.


He’s putting on a show.

That poor balloon.

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  • http://www.facebook.com/breakinasweat Kaelin Ripley

    Hell of a show, Dan.
    Much love.

  • http://www.facebook.com/breakinasweat Kaelin Ripley

    Who is that photographer in the background of these pictures?? Hes got a lot of footage with me in it, I needa get my hand on it!!